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Pedestrian protection apparatus for vehicle

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7441828.

A pedestrian protection apparatus for a vehicle, including: a plate member, which includes front and rear portions, and which is fixed at the rear portion to the vehicle; and at least one reinforcing bead each formed integrally on the front portion of the plate member and each including a bead-extending portion and a bead-end portion which extends integrally from a rear-side edge of the bead-extending portion for connecting the rear-side edge and the rear portion of the plate member, the apparatus being arranged to sweep a leg portion of a pedestrian that has collided with the front of the vehicle by contact of a front end of the plate member with the leg portion, thereby protecting the leg portion, wherein a connecting portion between the bead-end portion and the rear portion of the plate member is gently curved without being folded.

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