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Printer having sprung printed circuit board for printhead assembly

Image Number 19 for United States Patent #7438388.

A printer is provided having a removably mounted printhead assembly. The printhead assembly has a printhead module, a circuit assembly and a support frame. The module has at least two printhead integrated circuits having fluid ejection nozzles, a support member supporting and carrying printing fluid for the printhead ICs and an electrical connector for connecting electrical signals to the printhead ICs. The circuit assembly has linearly aligned first PCBs each having drive electronics for controlling operation of the printhead ICs via the electrical connector, a second PCB at one end of the first PCBs for connecting the drive electronics to power and data supplies, and a third PCB having a spring portion at an opposite end of the first PCBs. The support frame removably mounts the printhead module and the circuit assembly so that the second and third PCBs are arranged at the respective longitudinal ends of the support frame.

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