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Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7431238.

An arrangement and a method are proposed for the generation of water on board an aircraft with the use of one or more fuel cells, whereby low-temperature fuel cells are provided as fuel cells.It is proposed that several single-cell or few-cell fuel cells may form a fuel-cell panel or cell array and several cell panels or cell arrays may be arranged close to the inside of the aircraft fuselage and the cathode side of the at least one fuel cell has a chamber pointing to the exterior of the aircraft for the condensation of the water contained in the air and the anode side has a chamber carrying a combustion gas, for example hydrogen.With the proposed solution, a reduction in the storage capacity for drinking water and its quality-assured provision may be enabled and moreover, with the use of fuel cells as a virtual power station, the energy demand on engine generators, auxiliary power unit (APU) or ram air turbine (RAT) may be reduced.

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