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Purge operations for solid-state storage devices

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7430136.

A storage system that comprises multiple solid-state storage devices includes a command set that enables a host system to initiate one or more types of purge operations. The supported purge operations may include an erase operation in which the storage devices are erased, a sanitization operation in which a pattern is written to the storage devices, and/or a destroy operation in which the storage devices are physically damaged via application of a high voltage. The command set preferably enables the host system to specify how many of the storage devices are to be purged at a time during a purge operation. The host system can thereby control the amount of time, and the current level, needed to complete the purge operation. In some embodiments, the number of storage devices that are purged at a time may additionally or alternatively be selectable by a controller of the storage system.

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