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Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser, and method for manufacturing the same, optical switch, and optical branching ratio variable element

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7418014.

A surface-emitting type semiconductor laser includes a substrate, a first distributed Bragg reflection type mirror formed above the substrate, an active layer formed above the first mirror, a second distributed Bragg reflection type mirror formed above the active layer, and an insulation layer having an opening section that is formed in one of the first and second mirrors, wherein light generated from the active layer is emitted as a lower order mode laser beam lower order modeor a higher order mode laser beamhigher order mode, and the first mirror is formed with a number of pairs greater than the number of pairs of the second mirror such that the lower order mode laser beamlower order mode can be emitted in an upward direction of the substrate, and the opening section in the insulation layer is formed to have a size that enables the higher order mode laser beamhigher order mode to be emitted in a downward direction of the substrate.

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