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Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking machines

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7406630.

A system operates to receive status messages from banking machines (12) operating in a network (14). The messages are received by an event management system (20) operating at least one computer (54). The computer is in operative connection with a data store (52). The data store includes information representative of the banking machines in the network, status messages generated by the banking machines and actions to be taken including entities to be notified of conditions which cause status messages to be sent by the various banking machines. The event management system receives the messages and places them in a uniform standard message format for further processing by the system. A device status processing program (36) in the computer resolves an action to be taken responsive to the status message. Responsive to the action resolved by the device status processing program the computer causes a notification message to be dispatched by a multimedia reporter to an entity who is to be notified of the condition at the banking machine which caused the status message. The computer also causes a trouble record to be created in the data store responsive to the status message from the banking machine. The multimedia reporter receives input messages from the entity and the computer causes information to be included in the trouble record responsive to the input messages. The system further provides report data to a user which enables the user to analyze the operation of the banking machines and service providing entities. The system further includes test capabilities for testing proper operation of the system.

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