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High density nanostructured interconnection

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7402913.

A method and apparatus for forming an electrically and/or thermally conducting interconnection is disclosed wherein a first surface and a second surface are contacted with each other via a plurality of nanostructures disposed on at least one of the surfaces. In one embodiment, a first plurality of areas of nanostructures is disposed on a component in an electronics package such as, illustratively, a microprocessor. The first plurality of areas is then brought into contact with a corresponding second plurality of areas of nanostructures on a substrate, thus creating a strong friction bond. In another illustrative embodiment, a plurality of nanostructures is disposed on a component, such as a microprocessor, which is then brought into contact with a substrate. Intermolecular forces result in an attraction between the molecules of the nanostructures and the molecules of the substrate, thus creating a bond between the nanostructures and the substrate.

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