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Modular filtering and reflective system for photographic use

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7399097.

A modular filtering and reflective system for photographic use is herein disclosed which provides for the precise modification of virtually any type of light pattern. The system is particularly adapted for use with conventional soft boxes, or a bendable panel frame that is disclosed herein. The filtering system is comprised of a plurality of bendable panels of varying opacity and reflective or refractive color tones which are contiguously interconnectable in order to form a panel which is adapted for placement proximate the front opening of the soft box. Each bendable panel also includes a circumferentially disposed edge stiffener for retention of the shape thereof, yet sufficiently pliable to allow selective bending to any user desired shape. The bendable panels may be used as stand-alone hand held, or free standing devices and may also find utility as photographic flags, dots, or fingers. The modular filtering system provides an inexpensive, easily portable, and easy to use means for deriving enhanced versatility from a conventional photographic soft box, or virtually any type of photographic lighting system.

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