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Apparatus and method for reciprocating a person

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7395560.

In one aspect, an apparatus for reciprocating an infant support comprises a frame and a receiving member supported above the frame for substantially vertical reciprocating movement. The receiving member is configured to receive the infant support and, in one embodiment, is coupled to the frame by a reciprocating assembly configured to constrain the receiving member for movement in a substantially vertical translation motion. A motive device coupled to the receiving member reciprocates the receiving member relative to the frame. The apparatus may also include a counterbalance mechanism configured to offset the load of the infant and the infant support on the motive device. In another aspect, an apparatus for reciprocating a person comprises a base and a support surface for supporting the person thereon. The support surface is movable relative to the base for reciprocation in a substantially vertical motion. A motive device coupled to the support surface reciprocates the support surface relative to the base.

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