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Flocked transfer and article of manufacturing including the flocked transfer

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7390552.

A flocked transfer is produced by applying a release agent to a release sheet and then applying the flocking to the release agent. Unlike the traditional method, a binder and hot melt film is not applied to the back of the flock. The transfer (which is essentially a flocked release sheet) is then applied to a substrate (i.e., an item of clothing, a rubber pad, etc.) by positioning a sheet of thermosetting hot melt film on the substrate; placing the transfer on the hot melt film with the flock in contact with the hot melt film; and applying heat and pressure. The heat melts the thermosetting hot melt film to bind the flock to the substrate and binds the flocking together. This method reduces the costs involved in producing flocked articles, especially for articles produced on a continuous basis.

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