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Pipe joint including improved locking mechanism

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7390030.

A pipe joint is provided that includes a first length of pipe having a first flange and a second length of pipe having a second flange. The first flange includes a ramp extending outwardly and away from a leading exterior surface and a first locking surface extending inwardly and away from the ramp. The second flange includes an interior portion sized to receive the first flange. The interior portion includes a second locking surface and an inwardly facing annular groove adapted to receive a resiliently expandable locking member. The second locking surface is positioned within the interior portion such that, upon insertion of the first flange into the second flange, the resiliently expandable locking member expands as it travels up the ramp and then contracts to become positioned between the first locking surface and the second locking surface to prevent withdrawal of the first flange from the second flange.

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