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Display device and driving method thereof

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7385573.

It is provided a display device that prevents, when applying a reverse bias, an anode line and a power supply line included in a signal line driver circuit from being short-circuited, and a driving method thereof. According to the invention, a reverse bias applying circuit is provided in a scan line driver circuit or a signal line driver circuit, a signal from the reverse bias applying circuit is supplied to a transistor disposed between a signal line and an anode line, and thereby the transistor is turned off. The reverse bias applying circuit comprises an analog switch or a clocked inverter and a biasing transistor, and drives so as to invert potentials of the anode line and a cathode line and apply a reverse bias to a light emitting element, while turn off the analog switch and turn on the biasing transistor. Then, a potential of the anode line becomes equal to that of a scan line, and thereby turning off the transistor between the anode line and the signal line assuredly.

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