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Method for measuring distances and speeds of several objects by means of an FMCW radar

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7385550.

Distance and velocity measuring at a plurality of objects using FMCW radar includes repeating measurements using different frequency ramps and including mixing transmitted and received signals, and recording the mixed signal's spectrum. A matching includes recording spectra peaks for ramps, if belonging to the same object, allocating them to each other, and calculating distances and velocities from peak frequencies. A tracking includes identifying with one another objects measured at various times based on distance and velocity consistency. Each measuring cycle includes less than four measurements with different frequency ramps. For each plausible two peak combination recorded, respectively, during first and second measurements of a cycle, distance and velocity of one possible object represented by these peaks are calculated. A measurement's anticipated result, is calculated from distance and velocity of the possible object, discarded if an anticipated result does not agree with the measured result.

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