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Cap shape supporting and form maintaining device, aka "HatNoodle" and method of storage for cap

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7380691.

A shape supporting and form maintaining device, known as a "HatNoodle", for a cap. The cap includes two components, an essentially hemispherical crown component and an attached visor component. The aforementioned "HatNoodle" device is constructed from a resilient material and includes a bottom surface and an essentially convex top surface. The bottom surface may contain a plurality of insertion holes that extend into, but not completely through, the material of the device and are used when installing the device into a cap. The top surface of the device contains a plurality of compliance slots wherein each compliance slot begins at the center of the top surface of the device and proceeds outward in a radial direction. The compliance slots facilitate installing a cap onto the device. These compliance slots also allow the device to better conform to the shape of the inside surface of the crown of the cap hat it resides within.

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