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Window assembly and method for dropdown feed doors

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7377229.

A window assembly and related method for dropdown feed doors and the like includes a rigid marginal frame configured for close reception in an associated opening in the feed door. A mullion has opposite ends connected with top and bottom portions of the frame. A latch arm is supported by the mullion, projects upwardly from the top portion of the frame, and is shifted between a locked position to retain the feed door in a raised, closed position, and an unlocked position to rotate the feed door to a lowered, open position. A latch actuator is mounted on the mullion at a selected position vertically spaced apart from the latch arm, and includes a slide which shifts between latched and unlatched positions. A connector has opposite ends connected with the latch arm and the slide, so that movement of the slide between the latched and unlatched positions shifts the latch arm between the locked and unlocked positions, such that the latch assembly is integrated into the window assembly to facilitate fabrication of the feed door. Preferably, the connector is a flexible line, and the latch actuator is configured to be mounted at a variety of different vertical locations along the mullion by adjusting the length of the flexible line, so as to accommodate convenient access by a wide variety of different height users.

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