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Boxing game system

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7371164.

A boxing game system (10) includes a game machine (12) and a globe-type inputting apparatus (34). A game player holds a main body (40) of the inputting apparatus, and swings the inputting apparatus in such a manner as to actually play boxing. A piezoelectric buzzer is provided within the main body, and the piezoelectric buzzer detects an acceleration at a time of swinging the inputting apparatus. Acceleration information is transmitted by an infrared light, and the infrared light is received and demodulated by an infrared light light-receiving demodulating portion (32). Upon receipt of the demodulated acceleration information, a game processor calculates an intensity of a punch at a time of swinging the inputting apparatus. A damage value is determined by the intensity of the punch, and according to the damage value, a stamina value of a boxer displayed on a monitor (20) is calculated. When the stamina value runs out, the boxer is knocked down.

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