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In-grade light fixture housing and hydrological barrier plate for use therein

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7370988.

A hydrological barrier plate for in-grade light fixture housings and a housing for use with light fixtures to prevent water entry into the water sensitive compartments of the light fixture. The barrier plate has a plate body with an opening in which is sealably disposed an anti-syphon wire pass-through valve for electrically connecting the components on one side of the barrier plate with the wires in the junction box on the opposite side of the barrier plate. The barrier plate is sealed around its outer edge against the housing wall. The pass-through valve is configured to prevent water from wicking along the wires and to prevent water from passing around the valve. The barrier plate is installed without tools and an effective seal is easily obtained. Using the barrier plate, water is prevented from migrating between the junction box and the primary housing compartments of the housing.

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