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Laminated armature core for an electric motor

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7365469.

In an armature packet (1) for an electric motor, having a plurality of armature laminations (2, 3), in each of which a plurality of winding slots (4) for receiving an armature winding (5) are embodied, and the winding slots (4) of adjacent armature laminations (2, 3) are located in alignment with one another and form a conduit (6), a better positional fixation of the armature winding (5) is attained by providing that the winding slots (4), associated with one conduit (6), of different armature laminations (2, 3) have different geometries. The same is attained by providing that at least some of the winding slots (4) each have an influx conduit (11), each of which discharges into its region oriented toward the center of the armature packet (1).

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