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Interleaver for iterative decoder

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7360040.

Interleaver for iterative decoder. A memory management scheme allows for single plane/single port memory devices to be used by the interleaver. The design is adaptable to soft-in soft-out (SISO) decoders that perform iterative decoding. The interleaver may be implemented within communication devices that implement two distinct SISOs that operate cooperatively or within communication devices that employ a single SISO (in a recycled embodiment) that functionally performs the analogous decoding operations that would be performed by the two distinct SISO implementation. The use of single plane/single port memory devices by the interleaver allows for a great deal of savings from many perspectives: the sizes of the required interleaver memory and the interleaver pattern memory are both cut in half using this approach, and a cost savings may also be realized, in that, cheaper, slower memories may be used since each respective interleaver memory is read only every other cycle.

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