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Rope light track system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7347606.

A rope light track system houses a tubular flexible rope light string and can be mounted on or in various interior and exterior structures to protect the light string from damage and provide utilitarian and decorative lighting. The system includes a plurality of elongate rigid or semi-rigid tracks having a longitudinal generally rectangular U-shaped retention channel with an open end defined by laterally opposed side walls adjoined at one end by a transverse base wall and at least one retainer element near the open end. The tracks have side portions or a mounting flange portion extending outwardly from the retention channel to accommodate various mounting configurations. An elongate tubular flexible rope lighting string is removably mounted in the retention channel and retained therein to prevent accidental removal, and is disposed below the channel open end to protect it from being damaged and allow light emanating therefrom to be directed out of the channel open end. Various control devices control the illuminating operation of the rope light string.

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