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No touch dispenser for sheet material with automatic advance

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #7347134.

A dispenser for dispensing and advancing sheet material is provided. The dispenser includes a frame and a drive roller rotationally mounted to the frame. The drive roller is configured for engagement with sheet material so that rotation of the drive roller causes movement of the sheet material. A segmented gear with first and second drive segments is mounted to the frame and is in communication with the drive roller. A spring is included and is in communication with the segmented gear. The spring is configured so that rotation of the segmented gear causes the spring to store potential energy. Release of potential energy in the spring causes the segmented gear to rotate. A cutting blade is provided and is configured for cutting the sheet material in order to release potential energy. The dispenser allows for a piece of sheet material to be dispensed therefrom and subsequently presents the user with a new piece of sheet material for future removal.

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