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Dynamic composition of pre-encrypted video on demand content

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7346163.

According to certain embodiments consistent with the present invention, a method of processing digital video content, wherein the digital video content comprises intra-coded frames and inter-coded frames, involves selecting a plurality of the intra-coded frames for encryption to produce selected frames; encrypting the selected frames under a first encryption algorithm to produce first encrypted frames; storing the inter-coded frames in a first file; and storing the intra-coded frames, whether encrypted under the first encryption algorithm or unencrypted, in a second file. For a multiple encryption embodiment consistent with the present invention, the method further involves duplicating the intra-coded frames; encrypting duplicates of the selected frames under a second encryption algorithm to produce second encrypted frames; storing the intra-coded frames, whether encrypted under the second encryption algorithm or unencrypted, in a third file. This abstract is not to be considered limiting, since other embodiments may deviate from the features described in this abstract.

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