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Liquid crystal display device having sub pixels with transmissive regions extending entirely across the sub pixel

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7339642.

A liquid crystal display device having a first sub pixel and a second sub pixel. The first sub pixel corresponds to a first color layer having a first color. The second sub pixel, corresponds to a second color layer having a second color. The first and second sub pixels each have a rectangular shape that includes a pair of longer sides. A first reflective region and a second reflective region, in which first and second reflective films are disposed, each extend across the first sub pixel and the second sub pixel respectively between the longer sides. A first transmissive region and a second transmissive region, in which the reflective films are not disposed, each extend entirely across the first sub pixel and the second sub pixel respectively between the longer sides, An area of the first reflective region is different from an area of the second reflective region.

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