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Rollover car wash for large vehicles

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7337791.

A vehicle washer of the rollover type especially suitable for washing large vehicles such as buses and trucks. The washer includes an overhead carriage moving along an overhead guide rail structure and including opposed L-shaped spray arms adapted to wash top and side surfaces of the vehicle as the carriage moves along the guide rail and move in butterfly fashion as the carriage reaches a respective end of the vehicle whereby to wash that end of the vehicle. A recirculating arrangement insures that the hot water arriving at the carriage from the equipment room is at a predetermined hot temperature; a flexible carrier folds and unfolds in a trough along the rail structure and threadably receives the various supply conduits to provide effective transport of the required wash elements to the carriage; a compound bearing structure on the carriage efficiently journals the pivotal ends of the very large and heavy spray arms required to process large vehicles; a unique splicing arrangement allows the provision of a long guide rail structure having an uninterrupted upper surface to allow smooth carriage movements; and a customized windshield washer assembly on the carriage allows effective washing of even the recessed windshields of large vehicles having long hoods.

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