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Upright stand

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7334643.

An adjustable stand includes a stable base, an upright portion upending from the base, and a platform adjustably locked in the base. The platform height preferably may be adjusted continuously rather than incrementally for precise and accurate positioning of a horse hoof or other animate or inanimate object. One platform includes a diverging U-shaped cradle, with a firm but cushioning/shock-absorbing material on its top side for elevating the supported object and absorbing the concussion of the work being performed on the object. Preferably, the firm but cushioning material is a flexible strap slung across the cradle and spaced above the surface of the cradle at its center region. The preferred plastic base and continuous adjustability of the platform provide a quiet, substantially non-metallic, and non-intimidating stand that tends not to frighten horses or other animals.

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