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Internet strawman and user interface therefor

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7330884.

A system and method for implementing an intermediary to preserve user privacy and anonymity in electronic transactions. In one embodiment, a computer implemented method for facilitating a transaction between a subscriber and a vendor through an intermediary is provided. In this embodiment, the method comprises the step of receiving at the intermediary personal information from the subscriber to establish a user account. The method also comprises the step of storing the personal information for subsequent access. The method further comprises the step of receiving a request from the subscriber to access the user account, upon which the subscriber's identity is verified by the intermediary against the personal information. The method also comprises the step of the intermediary entering into a transaction with the vendor on behalf of the subscriber based on the subscriber's instruction once the subscriber's identity is successfully verified. The method further comprises the step of notifying the subscriber upon completion of the transaction. Importantly, the transaction is completed without disclosing the subscriber's personal information to the vendor. As such, the consumer remains anonymous with respect to the vendor.

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