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Systems and methods for providing imaging job control

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #7330281.

Systems and methods for describing imaging tasks across a distributed environment of imaging clients, servers and devices, wherein the tasks include complex imaging operations, and interchanging imaging data and operations. The imaging jobs include diverse imaging tasks that can be constructed in a single program unit. The imaging tasks are constructed using a single imaging job language and common interface across all imaging devices, clients and servers, or managers thereof. A manager communicates with the imaging components through the common interface and translates the operations into the communication methods that are compatible with the devices, clients and servers. Composite imaging jobs are selectively dispatched to diverse imaging components through a single imaging spooler subsystem. Further, distribution may occur across various imaging devices, clients and/or servers, such that a first imaging system performs some subset of steps, deletes the executed steps and makes the appropriate substitutions or interchanges and the portion is performed by a second and/or subsequent imaging system.

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