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Support structure apparatus and method

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #7326013.

A support structure for supporting and tilting an oversized cargo to reduce the effective width of the cargo. The structure comprises a bolster frame having a base and a stanchion connected to the base. The stanchion extends upwardly from a lower end connected to the base to an upper end opposite the lower end. A cylindrical roller supported is by the upper end of the stanchion for rotational movement relative to the stanchion about a rotational axis. The cylindrical roller is also supported by the stanchion for pivotal movement relative to the stanchion such that the rotational axis pivots relative to the stanchion. The bolster frame also includes a bearing pad connected to the base. The cylindrical roller and the bearing pad at least partially support the oversized cargo. The support structure may be mounted on a trailer for transporting oversized cargo, such as concrete double-tees.

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