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Convertible seat for an aircraft passenger

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7318622.

A convertible seat to accommodate an aircraft passenger. The seat includes a frame, a sitting portion borne by the frame, a back, and a jointed footrest along the transverse edge of the sitting portion. The seat can change from a so-called seated position in which the back forms an angle with the sitting portion and its base is close to the rear transverse edge of the sitting portion to a so-called lying-down position in which it has a more or less level surface intended to accommodate a passenger in the lying down position. The frame is a fixed frame. At most two of the elements of the whole constituted by the sitting portion, the back, and the footrest form the more or less level surface of the seat in lying-down position. At least one additional berth is provided to cooperate with the sitting portion and/or the back and/or the footrest to form the more or less level surface intended to accommodate a passenger in the lying-down position.

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