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Meta-materials based upon surface coupling phenomena to achieve one-way mirror for various electro-magnetic signals

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7301493.

A one-way reflective sensor shield with an increased bandwidth meta-materials coating is provided which substantially reduces or eliminates deleterious electronic signatures and backscattering. The one-way reflective sensor shield with meta-materials coating operates according to surface plasmonic coupling phenomena and achieves a mirror-like one-way reflection of electromagnetic signals. In this arrangement, the meta-materials coating is composed of a dielectric material, and the corrugated metal strips are composed of a metallic conductive material with a negative dielectric constant, to allow surface plasmonic coupling between the plasma in the metal and the incident electromagnetic field. Surface plasmons occur at the interface of a material with a positive dielectric constant, such as dielectric surface, with that of a negative dielectric constant, usually a metal or doped dielectric, such as the metal strips. Sensor devices and sensor shielding systems are also provided.

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