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Multilayer body with a first laser-sensitive layer and a second laser-sensitive layer and method for generation of a multilayer image in said multilayer body

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7300694.

Described is a multi-layer body having two laser-sensitive layers 4, 32. The multi-layer body is a body laminated from the overlay films 30, 32, the inlets 90, 90 and the further overlay films 30, 30. At its underside the upper overlay film 30 has a layer structure applied there, by the application of a hot stamping film. The layer structure comprises a lacquer layer 50, a reflection layer 5r, a laser-sensitive layer 4, a background layer 5 and an adhesive layer 6. A diffraction and/or hologram structure 5b is provided in the lacquer layer 5c, the reflection layer 5r and the laser-sensitive layer 4. The second laser-sensitive layer is formed by the carbon-doped overlay film 32. By means of laser treatment, it is possible to produce a laser-induced, preferably colored image component in the upper laser-sensitive layer 4 and a further laser-sensitive image component, preferably in the form of a gray scale image, in the subjacent carbon-doped laser-sensitive layer 32. A laser-induced multi-layer image is formed in that way.

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