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Portable device and method employing beam selection to obtain satellite network positioning signals

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7298326.

A portable device, such as a handheld device (10), laptop device or other suitable portable device, employs an antenna beam selection structure that is coupled to a plurality of built-in antennas (12 and 14) of the portable device that have different beam angles with respect to each other. The plurality of built-in antennas are coupled to a satellite network positioning signal processing circuit (18) so that device positioning signals from a satellite network can be received and processed by the device. The plurality of built in antennas may be stationary or movable with respect to each other. A control circuit (20) is operative to control switching between each of the plurality of built in antennas based on detected signal strength, signal quality measurements, the number of positioning satellites detected by a satellite network positioning signal processing circuit or other suitable criteria.

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