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Method, apparatus, system, and program for code conversion transmission and code conversion reception of audio data

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7298295.

A system and a method of suppressing outstanding degradation of decoded audio quality due to a transmission error of audio coded data are provided without feedback information from a receiver, thereby reducing the increase of the number of necessary transmission bands and the arithmetic complexity on the receiving side. A code conversion and transmission apparatus 100 for inputting audio coded data includes first to N-th code conversion and transmission units 102 and 104 to 106 for converting audio data to N pieces of coded data, and transmitting the data at predetermined or adaptively variable time intervals to M transmission lines 130. The second to N-th audio code conversion and transmission units 104 to 106 codes a frame at a compression rate equal to or higher than the rate of input coded data. The code conversion and reception apparatus 120 selects a transmission line using a selection unit 107, and selecting data from correctly received coded data in a frame or packet unit, thereby reconfiguring the coded data using a coded data reconfiguration unit 112.

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