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Vehicle comprising a vertically folding sun roof

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7296843.

Disclosed is a vehicle with a removable top, comprising a stowable rigid roof that is provided with a forward roof element (15) and a rear roof element (17), a stowing space for the roof, which is located between the seats and the rear hood of the vehicle, first displacement means (35) for moving the roof elements side by side when the roof is opened, and second pivoting means (37, 43, 47) for displacing the roof elements by pivoting said roof elements between the closed state of the roof in which the elements are arranged in a substantially horizontal direction and the open state of the roof in which the elements are disposed in an essentially vertical direction within the stowing space. The movements to which the roof is subjected are coordinated such that the forward roof element (15) moves underneath the rear element until being positioned next to said rear element while the pivoting means pivot the rear element and simultaneously entrain the forward element with the aid of the displacement means (35), said pivoting means being connected exclusively to the rear roof element (17) on one side and to the chassis frame (21) of the vehicle on the other side.

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