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Self-extracting service module for piping infrastructures

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7296587.

A self-extracting service module for piping infrastructures comprises a platform on which is mounted equipment for controlling and or monitoring the flow of liquid or gaseous media throughout the piping infrastructures. A first remote-controllable pipe coupling system is interconnected with the equipment inlet and a second pipe coupling system is interconnected to the equipment outlet. The pipe coupling systems are remotely manipulable for engaging and disengaging the equipment with piping infrastructure inlets and outlets. The platform is attached to actuators positioned near each corner of the platform. The service module is extracted from the piping infrastructure by first isolating the equipment from the flow of liquid media after which, the pipe coupling systems are remotely disengaged from the piping infrastructure inlet and outlet. The actuators are then operated to move the platform from within the piping infrastructure to a position where service work is easily performed on the equipment.

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