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Paint roller frame

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7293319.

An improved paint roller frame made from a single length of rod having a first 90 degree bend delimiting a first segment formed at one end thereof and adapted to form an axle about which a paint roller can be rotatably mounted, and second and third bends delimiting second and third segments both of which lie in a plane in common with the first segment. The remaining portion of the rod is further deformed at a mid-portion thereof to include a fourth bend in which the rod is wound through 391 degrees about an imaginary axis extending parallel to the first segment and delimiting a fourth segment lying in the common plane and a fifth segment lying in a plane intersecting the common plane at an angle of 31 degrees, the fifth segment being adapted to be affixed to an elongated handle member. When combined with a paint roller and handle, a novel paint roller assembly is provided in accordance with the present invention. An alternative embodiment includes a pair of mirror image arms of the type described above, the distal ends of which are adapted to rotatably engage opposite ends of a roller.

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