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Valve pin cross over nozzle for stack mould

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7287549.

According to the present invention, a cross over nozzle (10) is provided of two parts (22,24) which, when joined, define a housing (20) having a passage (30) extending therethrough, a tapered valve seat (50) extending about the passage and a value member (60) having a tapered valve head (62) disposed in the passage for engaging the valve seat. The two parts (64,66) are axially separable at an interface (68) extending through the valve seat/valve head. In order to open the valve, both valve parts are first joined and then moved together as one member in the same direction relative to the housing axially away from the valve seat. Similarly, the valve members are jointly moved into engagement with the valve seat before the cross over nozzle is separated. Accordingly, unlike the valve gate design, the valve interface between the two parts of the valve head isn't exposed to molten resin and therefore molten resin isn't trapped therebetween to cause a string upon opening.

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