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Fencing training sword

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7278898.

The present invention relates to a sword for a trainee in the art of swordsmanship; and more particularly, to a multistructured sword of a double or triple structure having a shock-absorbing space in a sword body. Accordingly, the trainee can effectively practices stabbing and cutting actions in the traditional swordsmanship by reducing a shock imposed on him. The present invention includes: a grip formed at an end of the training sword; a sword body member, wherein the sword body member includes at least one sword body inner cover for reducing a shock generated by a striking action and a sword body outer cover, which covers the sword body inner cover, wherein a gap is provided between the sword body inner cover and the sword body outer cover; a cross-guard formed at a boundary between the sword body member and the grip; and a scabbard for protecting the sword body member, wherein a length of the scabbard is shorter than that of the sword body member so that the sword body member passes through the scabbard.

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