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Broad field motion detector

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7277012.

A motion sensing system device and method which utilize dispersed ultrasonic radiation is disclosed. The system preferably comprises a low profile sensor unit configured to couple to a ceiling position. The sensor unit comprises an ultrasonic transmitter and an ultrasonic receiver and a pair of acoustic reflectors positioned in a transmitting path of the ultrasonic transmitter and a receiving path of the ultrasonic receiver for generating and detecting the ultrasonic radiation in a broadcast field. The acoustic reflectors preferably comprise cones, conical cross-sections and/or combinations thereof which are integral with the ultrasonic transmitter and the ultrasonic receiver and/or are coupled to a housing structure for positioning the acoustic reflectors in the transmitting and/or receiving paths. The sensor unit also preferably comprises a circuit for driving the transmitter and for detecting motion by detecting changes in the receiver signal. In further embodiments, the system also includes an infrared sensor and is configured to generate a response based on the combination of changes in the receiver signal and a signal form the infrared sensor.

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