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Shielded connector, mating shielded connector and shielded connector assembly

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #7264508.

A shielded connector assembly has first and second housings (11, 31). The first housing (11) has a fitting space (17) formed with coupling ribs (16). A shielding shell (26) is in the fitting space (17) and has slits (27) that receive the coupling ribs (16). A preventing groove (29) is formed in a peripheral surface of a fitting space (17) and receives a projection (37) of the second housing (31) when the housings (11, 31) are connected properly. The preventing groove (29) is aligned with the slit (27) so that the slit (27) also receives the projection (37). Thus, it is unnecessary to form a separate notch to receive the projection (37).

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