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Parachute release apparatus

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7264205.

A parachute release apparatus for controllably and timely releasing a drogue parachute from a descending, aerially delivered cargo platform. The parachute release apparatus is comprised of a pendant body with multiple parallel plates. Cavities are defined between each two parallel plates of the pendant body. Latch mechanisms are disposed on either side of the pendant body. Each latch mechanism is comprised of an articulating outer and inner plate. Within each cavity is a pair of release arms which articulate with the pendant body. Either release arm engages with the inner latch plate of each latch mechanism. The latch mechanisms are maintained in a latched configuration by a cut loop attached to extension arms on either outer latch plate, and are released by a pyrotechnic cutter disposed on the cut loop. A plurality of suspension straps are coupled with the apparatus, which are enshrouded in a bifurcated sleeve.

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