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Image processing system for high performance digital imaging devices

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #7259783.

An image processing system for high performance digital imaging in a digital camera. The reflected light from an image is focused through a lens and optically filtered. A CCD array converts this image into an electrical signal. This electrical signal is processed and then converted into an equivalent digital signal. A digital signal processor is then used to process the raw digital signal. The DSP includes a capture data path, a data flow control, an image processing data path, a compression/decompression engine, a resize circuit, a display processing circuit, and a rotation circuit. Data is routed between the DSP and memory via a bus. By selectively activating and reusing certain parts of the hardware architecture and various data paths, at least four modes of operation can be supported: live view, instant review, and play mode. Furthermore, the correct image is automatically displayed in all four modes, regardless of the orientation of the image or the physical orientation of the camera (both at the time the picture was taken and at the time the picture is being rendered for display).

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