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Cushioning device

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #7254852.

A cushioning device as in a pillow that has a main-body foam which a plurality of projections extend off a surface of the main-body. The projections are arranged in different support characteristic groupings such as rows of different volume or sized projections (e.g., cylindrical, cubical, prismatic, etc.) spaced out over a surface (e.g., convex surface) of the pillow (one or more surface sections as in upper surface sections and front edge surface section). There is also preferably provided a neck support ridge extension. The cylindrical projections are arranged such that a greater number of smaller volume, width or diameter, etc. rows of projections are centrally positioned on the surface and with the larger volume, width, or diameter, etc. projections laterally outward of the more centrally positioned projections, and with the ridge extension preferably extending along a front edge (e.g., commensurate with the extreme front edge surface or to some extent back in a front edge region of the front edge) of the pillow for a full length of the pillow.

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