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Optical resonance analysis system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #7251085.

An optical resonance analysis system comprising a sensor means (60) and an illumination means (400) for generating non-monochromatic illumination. The illumination means (400) further comprises a means for generating illumination at a plurality of angles, a lens system for projecting said illumination at said plurality of angles (390) and a dispersive device (380) for dispersing said illumination at each of said plurality of angles so that there is a correlation between said plurality of angles and the wavelengths of said illumination such that a resonance condition is generated on said sensor mean (60) for all wavelengths generated by said non-monochromatic source simultaneously. The analysis system also comprises a detection means (90) for detecting the reflected or transmitted illumination. Another embodiment comprises an anamorphic imaging means (120).

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