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Birefringence measurement apparatus, strain remover, polarimeter and exposure apparatus

Image Number 15 for United States Patent #7251029.

A birefringence measurement apparatus for calculating information of polarization of light emitted from an object to be measured includes a light source, a first polarization element for extracting a beam in a specific polarization direction from light emitted from the light source, a sample stage that holds an object to be measured, at least one beam splitting unit that splits the light emitted from the object into two beams having the same polarization as that of the light emitted from the object, at least two second polarization elements for extracting beams in a specific polarization direction of the light split by the beam splitting unit, at least two light-quantity detectors for detecting light quantity of beams that have transmitted through the second polarization element, and an operation part for operating a light quantity received by the light-quantity detectors.

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