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Portable device for enhanced security and accessibility

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7249025.

A portable device increases user access to equipment utilizing a communications interface providing communication with the equipment in accordance with various, combinable embodiments. In one embodiment, a speech generator generates speech based on commands relating to equipment operation, which may be received from the equipment via the communications interface. A selection mechanism allows the user to select commands and thereby operate the equipment. In another embodiment, a command navigator navigates commands based on user input by shifting focus between commands, communicates a command having the focus to the speech generator, and allows the user to select a command. In a further embodiment, a phoneticizer converts the commands and/or predetermined navigation and selection options into a dynamic speech lexicon, and a speech recognizer uses the lexicon to recognize a user navigation input and/or user selection of a command. Speaker verification can also be used to enhance security using a speech biometric.

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