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Thrust fork

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7246575.

To provide a thrust fork to arrest a resisting criminal without danger of being stabbed by an edge tool, a thrust fork main body (2) attached to an end of a handle portion (1) is provided with a forked rod (21), movable opening and closing rods (23), which have base end portions respectively pivoted to leading ends of the forked rod and freely swivel only inside the forked rod without outward movement, a returning element (24) to return the opening and closing rods (23) by a spring to an original position, and a constraining rope (26), both ends of which are engaged with leading ends of the opening and closing rods (23) respectively to form a ring 44 having a suitable size inside the forked rod, whereby the end of the forked rod is opened and closed via swiveling of the opening and closing rods.

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