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High frequency variable gain amplification device, control device, high frequency variable gain frequency-conversion device, and communication device

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #7245890.

A high frequency variable gain amplification device 100 includes: a feedback circuit 103 capable of changing a feedback impedance to adjust the gain of an amplifier 101 in accordance with a control signal from a control device 200; and a current consumption adjustment circuit 102 capable of adjusting current consumption of the amplifier 101. The control device 200 controls the feedback impedance and the current consumption based on a desired signal power level and an undesired signal power level. If the desired signal power level exceeds a predetermined value, the control device 200 reduces the feedback impedance to increase the amount of a feedback signal, thereby allowing the amplifier 101 to operate with low gain so as to prevent the distortion characteristic from being reduced and to reduce the current consumption.

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