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Laminated structure, display device and display unit employing same

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #7245341.

A laminated structure which can reduce defect by preventing deposition failure or holes of an insulating film, manufacturing method, and a display unit that employ same are provided. The laminated structure as an anode for organic light-emitting devices is provided on a flat surface of a substrate. In the laminated structure, an adhesive layer made of ITO, a reflective layer made of silver or an alloy containing silver, and a barrier layer made of ITO are layered in this order from the substrate side. A cross sectional shape of the laminated structure in the laminated direction is a forward tapered shape. A sidewall face of the adhesive layer, the reflective layer, and the barrier layer is totally covered by an insulating film, and deposition failure or holes of the insulating film is prevented. A taper angle made by the sidewall face and the flat surface is preferably from about to about The laminated structure can be used as a reflective electrode, a reflective film, or a wiring for a liquid crystal display.

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