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Articulated seating mechanism

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #7234772.

An articulated seating mechanism including a rocker base, a seat plate, and a pair of side rails, each having an arcuate side. The side rails may be disposed downwardly from the seat plate or upwardly from the rocker base. First and second arcuate gear portions are disposed on the arcuate side of each of the side rails and a first and second substantially flat or linear gear racks are affixed either to the underside of the seat plate or the upper side of the rocker base, so as to bring the linear gears and the arcuate gears into intermeshing relationship. A back support is pivotally connected to the seat plate and to first and second back links, and the back links are pivotally connected to the rocker base to provide a rocking motion of the seat plate and a dynamic synchronous adjustment of the angular variation between the seat plate and the back support. The linear gear racks move in a tangent to the arcuate gear portions to provide a moving fulcrum during rocking movements. No springs or other force means are necessary to assist in moving easily from a reclined position to task.

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